255 photos

  1. Photos need to be in JPG format only (suffix must be .jpg and not .jpeg).
  2. Organize student photos into folder by each grade (recommended, not required)
  3. Name each photo file according to the student’s, Student Code ex: MAY1224-1. or Student ID (a numeric field, automatically created).
  4. Make sure each photo is less than 50k bytes in size.
  5. Size each student photo file (I would resize using an action/batch processing in Photoshop –see below for instructions):

Pixel Dimensions:
Width: 200 pixels
Height: 250 pixels
Document Size:
Width: 1.778 inches
Height: 2.222 inches
Resolution: 72 pixels/inch
01 Nicolas Hebert - 9th Grade1458188145818914581941458199145820014582011458202145820614582071458210145821914582201458223145823414582351458236145823914582601458265

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